Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Organize the Garage For More Reasons Than One

How many of us use our garage for parking our vehicles? When the house was originally built, there was a defined space called a garage. This designated area included a garage door or two that when lifted, exposed a certain amount of open space that was there to accommodate our vehicle as we brought it inside.
For most of us the use of the garage has changed from a space to keep our vehicle, to a space to keep our junk. Anything and everything but our vehicles are kept in the garage. It is important to keep our garage clean and organized so we can use it as a utility shop and a storage area, as well as a place to park our cars.
So let us get to work and clean it up. Is the stuff you have in your garage worth keeping. Take an inventory. Do you really need those empty appliance boxes or is it time to give them a pitch. Maybe you can recycle the cardboard. How about those tools laying around. A stray rake can puncture a tire or who knows what. That shovel over in the corner will not be found the next time you need it, and then what. How many times have you looked for the extension cord and not found it until you looked under the spare tire that had fallen on the top of it.
All these gadgets and goodies laying around need to be picked off the garage floor and put in a proper place. Put up some wood supports along the garage walls add some hooks in these wood supports and begin to hang your garden tools up on the wall. Shovels, rakes, hoes, even extension ladders can be hung up on the side walls. Remember to keep hanging tools away from any outlet box.
For the smaller items like extension cords, oil cans, hedge trimmers, you will need to add a few shelves. These will come in handy. You can identify easily what is on a shelf. Items on the shelves are easy to reach. Remember to put the gadgets you use most readily available.
An organized garage has a much greater use than one that has stuff in it that can never be found. Think of the time you will save when you know where to find a garage tool. Consider the extra use you will have of your garage when things are up off the floor and in places giving you access to this garage area. And think about the https://mygaragetool.com/best-programmer-for-5-0-f150-reviews/  difference it will make using your garage as a garage in the winter. There will be no more getting up a half hour earlier to warm up the car and scrap ice off the windshield.
Organize your garage and do it for more reasons than one.

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